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The Tracks for 2019

SV Code Camp is the perfect place to watch engaging and entertaining talks given by industry experts and luminaries, and meet with developers for enaging and motivating conversations around specific topics.
The JavaScript library React has completely revolutionized how we approach building user interfaces. Whether for web, native desktop, or native mobile, React empowers developers to build cross-platform apps with the full power of JavaScript. Whether you’re just getting started with React, or you’re looking to level up, this track is designed to educate and inspire you with the skills and knowledge you need to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced market.

  • Managing State in React Functionally with React Hooks
  • Navigating the React Ecosystem
  • React Is Your Friend: A Gentle Intro to the React Library
  • STAR Apps: Design Systems, TypeScript, Apollo GraphQL, and React
  • The Web Got so Good You Can Build a Startup in 1 Day
  • Visualizing Real-time Interactive Financial Data Charts Using React Native
Fewer than 5% of software development managers have had a single day of training in management before becoming managers. We become managers thinking we can conquer management as easily as we did coding. It turns out managing requires both a dramatic change of focus and a whole lot of new skills. Whether you’re contemplating a move to leading and managing, or you’ve been managing for years, skip to the front of the line with this year’s Management Track thought leaders, invited and organized by Ron Lichty, VP Engineering advisor and coach at Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc. and co-author of Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams.

  • Applied Wisdom for the Emotionally Intelligent Manager
  • Building Distributed Teams
  • Q&A Panel with Engineering Managers
  • The Science of Programmer Motivation
  • Time Management for Engineering Managers
  • What's It Take to Be a (Good!) Manager?
Agile development methods such as Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming (XP) became the norm a decade ago at successful companies across the Silicon Valley. Whether you are an agile guru or simply agile-curious, the Agile track has something to offer you. Join us as we inspect, adapt, share, learn, and improve. And as we look at what it means to not just do agile but to actually be agile. Agile track organized by Ron Lichty, VP Engineering advisor and coach at Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc., who has been training teams and coaching executives in agile for more than a decade.

  • Critical Agile Practices, Nuanced Techniques
  • Improve Quality and Joy: Agile XP Dojos Work
  • Intro to Test-Driven Development
  • Situational Decision Making in a VUCA world!
  • What to expect from your Agile Coach, and what they should expect from you
Interview Kickstart
In this track you will learn from hiring mangers and tech leads at top tier tech companies, about how to prepare very effectively to crack challenging technical interviews and get life-changing compensation. 
Whether you are just starting out your career, or you are above 40, or if you are in engineering management, or anywhere in between, you will learn a lot about making positively life-changing career moves.
Interview Kickstart is an innovative career upleveling service which runs multiple classroom courses (online and on-site) led by tech leads and hiring managers at FAANG companies. They have been around for 5 years and have 2000+ alumni all over the US!

  • Engineering Management Interviews
  • Graphs for Technical Interviews
  • How to Defy Ageism in Software Engineering
  • How to Switch Your Technical Domain
  • Panel Discussion With FAANG Engineering Hiring Managers
  • The Million Dollar Resume: A Workshop
Samsung Wearables
Learn how to program Samsung Wearables at Silicon Valley Code Camp. In this two part series, you’ll first learn about the basics in this important category of product and then, Diego will take you through an example of building your first wearable application.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Series has jump started the possibilities for practical applications in real life scenarios. Various applications such as customizing watch faces, integrating mobile/wearable payments, monitor health, and even play games are possible on the wearable. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or have no dev experience, kick start your journey by learning how easy it is to make a watch face with the Galaxy Watch Designer then work your way up to develop Galaxy apps and services. For more information visit

  • Create Your First Wearable Application with Tizen
  • Intro to Smart Watches Development and Design
Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019 October 19 & 20, 2019

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