2:15 PM Sunday
Town Square C
Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019session

The Blockchain You Never Knew

Back again this year and this time focusing on how to help you create a new business on top of the Blockchain. This will not be a session on ICO's or Tokens, rather economically feasible businesses that can be built right now and sold to the public.

About This Session

Whether it's Bitcoin, Ethereum,Blockchain, you name it, it gets confusing. What really matters is what can we build on Blockchain. In this session we will go in depth into what are some real business models that you can build on top of Blockchain so you can create your own company. I will not be going into Tokens and ICO's, rather real functional businesses you can build right now and start selling to the general public. Want to know how to replace Shutterstock? Want to create a value system into Telegram? These are some of the basic ideas already floating around and I want to share them with you along with other new ideas.

With the invention of Blockchain, there is a whole new array of businesses that could be built on it. There will be a slight discussion of the economics behind Blockchain in the beginning to help understand how these businesses are economically feasible on the Blockchain. My goal is to help you create a new business, not another ICO.

2:15 PM Sunday   Room: Town Square C

The Speaker(s)

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Guinder Bhangoo


Gurinder has a large knowledge of Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, & Smart Contracts.

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