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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019

Diego Lizarazo Rivera

Diego Lizarazo Rivera
Diego is a Sr. Developer Evangelist at Samsung with 6 years of Dev Rel experience and 14 years in the software development industry. He has worked for software companies of all sizes, in three different countries (Colombia, Spain, U.S.), tackling some cool projects and learned about many different technologies along the way. But, most importantly, he has connected with amazing teams of passionate developers with a need to solve new problems with technology. After a few years of working as a developer and game designer, he found the perfect position to mix his coding skills and his ability to connect with different audiences, and he started his path as a Developer Evangelist/Advocate. His current focus is to help developers understand Samsung technologies, help them create the perfect app for the Galaxy Watch, design an amazing theme that can be shared with the wider Galaxy Store audience, or get started on that project that they may have been mulling for a couple of months.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Create Your First Wearable Application with Tizen

    3:45 PM Saturday   Room: Fireside C
    Using your existing web technology skills, learn how to use Tizen Studio to develop a wearable web app, and bring your apps to millions of global users.

    During the session we will cover the basics of wearable apps development, how to use Tizen Studio to create web apps that use multiple biometric sensors and how to test them.

  • Intro to Smart Watches Development and Design

    2:15 PM Saturday   Room: Fireside C
    Have you ever wondered what is a wearable device? Do you wonder how to create an app that checks your heart rate? Do you know what are the main differences between a mobile app and a wearable app? In this session we will cover all these topics and more. Get ready to take your idea to a whole new audience and develop for devices worn daily by millions of users.

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